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Great City was conceived in the minds of Franki Baaz (Blaze) and Grayson Wray in 1985. Franki was coming out of music school and Grayson had just finished another project. In the beginning Franki and Grayson met up as jamming partners. This collaboration soon turned into a band situation. Franki's vision about the kind of music and Grayson's abilities to interpret what Franki heard, make the band a force to be reckoned with in the 1980's.
The Great City sound was soon heard around the world in those pre-internet times. They recieved rave reviews from Keyborad magazine and also from the press in Zagreb, Yugoslavia.
At one point, Atlantic Records, New York considered signing Great City but declined due to the fickleness of the Los Angeles heavy metal A&A person who interviewed Great City. This was a great loss to the music industry.
Great City is now defunct but the music still lives on. Franki has been doing her own project since 2000 and Grayson has also gone on to do his own project, The Grayson Wray Project. You can get more info on both of them by going to their own websites.

Great City 1st release 1985

Earth Dreams 1989

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